Diversity in DRESS CODE

Dear Dancers and Parents of CRB School and Company,

To embrace and celebrate the diverse dance company that we have become, we are excited to announce some changes in our dress code that mirror the beauty of that diversity in the classroom and on stage.  To that end, we would like to encourage our students of color to wear tights and shoes that match their skin tone.  For those who already own lots of (expensive) pink tights and shoes, please understand that we are not requiring your child to wear these flesh shades.  We just wanted you to be aware as you are purchasing new dance wear for the new season.  In addition, some classical ballet pieces will still require the traditional pink tights and shoes for performance, so that all dancers will have on the same “uniform” so don’t throw those away!  Should you or your dancer like some assistance in this transition please don’t hesitate to reach out to your teachers as they will be able to offer advice and suggestions on color matching and retailers who offer skin tone tights and shoes.  


In addition to dance wear, it should also be noted that our company and school will implement a “looser policy” with regard to curly hair. The new policy is:  Hair is to be pulled back in a bun regardless of style (braids, dreads, locs, etc) if the hair is long enough. If not, hair is to be pulled and pinned away from the face. Afro puffs are also an acceptable style. 


We are excited about the evolution of our dance school and company and are so grateful for the diversity that ALL of our dancers bring to our company!   Thank you for being a part of this wonderful family.


Joshua Schadl 

Ballet Master

Covington Regional Ballet School Director