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Spotlight on small business

Covington Regional Ballet believes in supporting small businesses that help make dance a more accessible part of our community. We are shining a spotlight on a couple of small businesses that have made a personal connection with us.

These businesses are run by real people who believe there should be real quality in products and real community in customers.

Blendz Apparel

Blendz Apparel is a new, Atlanta based company that specializes in tights and dance shoes for dancers whose skin does not match the traditional pink or suntan shades, and one of the only providers of flesh toned leather dance shoes on the market. Blendz exists to show uniformity in diversity. If interested in their products, an order can be placed with us for a bulk order. Ballet shoes and tights are available now, however, jazz shoes will not be available until October. 

Covington Dance Shoppe

Covington Dance Shoppe is a full service dance apparel store located on the Covington Square, walking distance from our studio. Covington Dance Shoppe was established in 2016 to provide local service to the growing dancer community in Newton County.